This event was held in 1959 for the first time in Dallas, Texas, United States, organized by the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association). Since then this event has been very successful and it has brought more revenue, tourists, and employment to different cities of the USA. Dallas is not the only city to host this event; many other cities like Los Angeles, Oklahoma, and Las Vegas have got the chance to host this event. Currently, this show has been hosted in Las Vegas since 1985 at the Thomas & Mack Centre. 

How to Watch Rodeo Reports Live Stream
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Rodeo’s Seven Most Famous Events

  • Tie-down roping
  • Steer wrestling
  • Bull riding
  • Saddle bronc riding
  • Bareback bronc riding
  •  Barrel racing
  • Team roping.

NFR 2021 -When and Where? 

Start DateWednesday 1 December 2021  
End DateSaturday 11 December 2021
Time8:45 PM EST
LocationThomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, United State
Official BroadcastThe CowBoy Channel 

How to Watch NFR Las Vegas 2021 Live Stream

If you are a true fan you would love to go watch all the sports of the event live in the center Whether, you are a US resident or not same like we all want to go there and watch the finals live but population of US alone is more than 300 million and the center has the capacity of around 45000 people so it’s impossible for everyone to go there.

So, what to do next? No need to worry about it- there is a solution- which is to sit in your home in your room and watch it on either your TV, laptop, tablet or mobile phone but the confusion is where to watch it on which channel on which website

Do you want to know more about the NFR National Finals Rodeo 2021 las Vegas live stream?

If yes, then you are absolutely at the correct destination. So, Let’s begin!

To be like a cowboy is always been everyone’s wish during their childhood when we see them on TV doing adventures we always want to be like them but very few of us actually have the chance to be a real cowboy, but our love for them is never ending we always admire them there are millions of fans in USA alone if this sport is so popular then it’d be really fun to write about rodeos biggest event in the world known as NFR (national Finals rodeo) at Thomas and Mack center Las Vegas US.

 If you are a true fan you would love to go watch all the sports of the event live in the center Whether, you are a US resident or not same like we all want to go there and watch the finals live but population of US alone is more than 300 million and the center has the capacity of around 45000 people so it’s impossible for everyone to go there.

So, what to do next? No need to worry about it- there is a solution- which is to sit in your home in your room and watch it on either your TV, laptop, tablet or mobile phone but the confusion is where to watch it on which channel on which website.Don’t worry we are here to tell you about each and every source where you could probably watch the NFR Live stream.

Watch On The Cowboy Channel

Watch On The Cowboy Channel

Cowboy channel is the official broadcaster of NFR. You can watch it on your tv, its cable network channel, and if you have subscribed to this channel, sit and enjoy it. Still, suppose you don’t want to watch this on tv and want to watch it on a laptop, mobile, or tablet. In that case, there is another option which The cowboy channel+ you have to get their subscription and download their official application from the google play store and apple store that supports three devices at a time, be it your laptop, mobile phone, smart tv, or tablets they currently have two packages.

Monthly Package: This Package is $9.99/Month. In this Package, NFR is not included, but 350+ other PRCA rodeo performances are available. You can switch to cowboy channel originals and access rodeo archives, and it supports three devices at a time
Annual Package: This Package is a bonus package that costs $99.99/Year, saving you 16% of the monthly subscription, which can be canceled whenever you want. In this Package, a live stream of NFR is included. You can watch entire events live, and other 350+ exclusive PRCA performances are included, and you can get access to amazing Rodeo archives as well; it supports three devices at a Time

RFD TV On Live

RFD TV On Live

RFD TV is owned by rural media group america’s first channel which runs the program on agriculture, rural areas, equine category and western sports if you have a cable network installed in your tv switch to RFD Tv and enjoy the NFR 

Who is providing the  RFD subscription ?

AT & T TV.

Monthly  subscription $ 69.99

Compatible Devices Amazon fire TV, Tablets, Google 

Monthly Subscription $ 9.99

Yearly Subscription $ 89.99

Compatible Devices Android Phones & Apple Phones

Pro Rodeo TV On Live

Pro Rodeo TV

The cowboy’s channel and RFD TV allow you to watch NFR on the TV. Still, if you are unable to watch the finals on TV and aim to watch on another gadget like mobile or laptop, you have to subscribe to pro rodeo TV because it is the only official streaming partner for NFR. It’s easy to use. Just visit their website or download their application from your Android phones and iPhones and enjoy the show, it doesn’t matter wherever you are, be it in Africa, Asia, or Europe.

Feature : It’s simple to use. Simply go to their website or download their app on your Android or iPhone to watch the show, no matter where you are in Africa, Asia, or Europe.

Monthly Subscription $ 9.99

Yearly Subscription $ 89.99

Compatible Devices Android, iOS, browser & Smart TV

Sling TV On Live

Sling TV is a renowned streaming platform. You can watch the entire NFR by subscribing to Sling TVs extra Heartland package, which will cost you around $40/Month. Sling Tv is available on Android phones, iOS devices, Android TV, smart TV, laptops, and tablets, but Sling TV is only available in the USA, and if you’re a rodeo fan but not an American you would need to do some hacks like using VPNs (Virtual Private networks) to access sling TV, or you can ask your cable provider for the channel which airs NFR live streaming.

Sling TV

Feature: It is budgets friendly and its subscription fee is about half of other competing services. There is no hidden fee, it offer two packages Sling Orange and Sling Blue and offer seven day free trial as well

Monthly Subscription $ 35.00 for 30 Channels

$ 50.00 for 50 Channels

Yearly Subscription $ 360

Compatible Devices Amazon fire, Apple TV, XBox one, Android phones, Google Chromecast, Smartphones iOS devices, Android TV, smart TV, laptops, and tablets

Fubo TV On Live

It’s an American channel it’s headquarters is based in New York. This channel telecasts its transmissions in the USA, Canada, and Spain. FuboTV is a sports channel that telecasts NBA, Boxing, Golf, and NLB. It would help if you had a subscription to Fubo TV to watch the live streaming of NFR, and its subscription cost is around $65/month. In this Package, you get 100 channels to watch, including NFR, and another Package is for $80/month, for which you will get many more channels, 100+ channels, and more options if your country doesn’t allow FuboTV to use the VPN.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV

Features: Much better combination of real time news channel and networks of entertainment

Monthly Subscription $ 65.00 (Starter plan including 100 channels)

$ 80.00 (Elite plan includes more channels)

Compatible Devices Amazon fire, Apple TV (4th Generation and later), Google, XBox one, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast & Smartphones

How to Watch Hulu with live TV

This is another online platform that live streams the events, including sports events too. If you want to watch NFR live, you can use Hulu with Live TV subscription, which will cost you around $64.5/month in this they offer some 50 channels to watch, and you can use the device on one subscription at a time, and you also get 50 hours of cloud storage to save the shows and movies which you like. Channels broadcast depends on your area. It varies from place to place, so confirm the channels list in your area before subscribing to Hulu, and if you don’t want to spend money, you can also get the 30 day free trial of Hulu.

Hulu with live TV

Features In most locations around the country, you can watch local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and other networks live. You’ll get live access to famous cable networks like HGTV, ESPN, Disney, A&E, and Bravo, as well as 50 hours of cloud DVR storage.

Monthly Subscription $ 5.99 (Basic plan with Ads)

$ 11.99 (Other plan with No Ads)

$ 64.99 (Hulu + Live TV over 75 live channels)

Compatible Devices Amazon Fire TV, Google, XBox , Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and VIZIO Smart TV, Nintendo, LG Smart TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Android TV, iPhone / iPad, Android Phone / Tablet, Mac, Windows, PlayStation & Smartphones 

Youtube TV On Live

Google-owned Youtube has launched its youtube tv, which is for the customers who want to watch the tv channel through youtube. Youtube tv offers more than 70 popular channels in high demand, and it also offers live stream youtube tv subscription costs $49.99/Month. It’s a good platform to watch the live stream of the NFR National Finals Rodeo. You can watch it on any device or gadget, be it your Smart TV, laptop, or mobile phone, and many users can access one registered account at a time.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV

Features In this service, you will get live stream broadcasts from Of the major networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, plus local PBS channels. As for news channels, you will get BBC America, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC. Special offer for the sports fans, YouTube TV presents  CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, NFL Network, NBC Sports, MLB Network, and NBA TV.

Monthly Subscription $ 64.99 (Including 101 channels & 14 days free 

trial with Sign up (One membership with upto six accounts)

Compatible Devices Chromecast with Google TV devices,  Android TV (Note: TVs running a mobile version of Android may not be supported), All Vizio SmartCast TVs, Samsung Smart TVs (2016 models and newer) & LG Smart TVs (2016 models and newer)


Vpn is a powerful tool known as a virtual private network which means if you are sitting in one country, you can switch your IP address to another location of your desire virtually. If you are an African and you want your IP address of America, you can use this by enabling a VPN. Many VPNs provide you the facility of switching your IP address. You have to take the subscription if you want their services. There are some worldwide famous and trusted VPNs to use you can also use those to watch the live streaming of NFR

Express VPN

This VPN has made its name quite popular, and its services are outstanding. They provide you the IP address of 96 countries and 160 locations worldwide. In general, they have the best rating of 9.8 amongst all other its competitors with this you can use it on any device be it an android phone, ios device, smart tv, laptop or other gadgets as well they offer a 30-day free trial and cancel any time with 100% money-back guarantee at any time, at the moment they are offering three types of subscription 

Monthly (it costs you around $12.5/Month)

Yearly (it’s a discounted package which offers you 12 months subscription and three extra months for free just for $6.67/month)

Six months (This Package is available for six months which will cost you around $9.99/Month. This offer is currently unavailable ) 

This VPN is another great source to watch your live streams like NFR without any disturbance. Just subscribe to them. Amazingly they offer a 45-day free trial and a guarantee of money back with just one account you can access to all devices, be it windows, apple, android, Linux, or any personal router. This VPN comes with rationing of 9.2, which is quite good so subscribe to them but before use their free trial offer.

This VPN has a rating of 9.0, and the best about this VPN is that you get access to unlimited devices just with one registration, and they provide a very good browsing speed which will help you watch live streaming in a better way they offer a 30 day free trial period but with the condition that you have to subscribe them with a two-yearly package which you can cancel any time with 100% money-back guarantee

This VPN has an eye-catching name. It has a rating of 8.9, which is good, and this VPN provides you access to 78 countries’ IP addresses. It’s very quick and easy to use with just one click away. This can be accessed on multiple devices, and it’s good for a live stream of NFR.

NFR on Social media

Social media is a giant. There is no doubt about it. There are amazing platforms inside it that can do wonders. The power of social media is miraculous. It can make or break anyone overnight, and other than it’s a very good source of advertising and earning money, people with a huge number of followers tend to earn some handsome amount. Fame people here post videos, gaming videos, movies, events, and live streams with permission. Some are without permission because private tv shows or events don’t want their programs to be telecasted for free. 

Still, many people do hacks to telecast such programs Like NFR National Finals Rodeo. It would help if you did some research and a little hard work because social media is vast today. We are going to tell you the possible platforms which are supposed to live stream this event.


NFR and Pro Rodeo have their official pages on Facebook. You go there and get a subscription to their packages. This is one method, but if you want to watch it on the days of the event, search for NFR. There will be many people streaming this event live, but the video quality is not guaranteed. They change the voice in the video to avoid copyright strike, run ads during the match, and sometimes it’s in HD and sometimes not, but you want to watch anyhow then you need to go in the videos section then click on live videos and search for NFR you are ready to watch the event.


 This platform has also got millions of users, and there are many people out there on Twitter who want to gain their followers quickly. For this, they do the tricks live streaming live or something else, so NFR is a huge event thousands of people would want to watch, so there will surely be many accounts who will stream live. You need to hustle and find the right account to enjoy the perks of live streaming


This platform is just awesome. Many groups known as subreddits do the tricks to stream live content here; you can watch every video on demand, any movie, and live streams, too, so go and search for the things you will surely find some sources of your interest.


It’s not sure that if you can get the live stream video, but the surety is that  you will get the videos that would have the live commentary of the event

NFR on Radio 

If you want to listen to the live event of the National Finals Rodeo on the radio, you can do it too. You need to switch to the station named Rural Radio channel 147 on SiriusXM.

How to Buy NFR Tickets

You can buy the NFR tickets online from the websites, there is an official website of NFR,, and on these websites tickets would be available you need to book your tickets as soon as possible because there are too many people waiting for tickets and would sell out in no time prices of the tickets vary depending on the place where you want to sit

If you want to sit on the balcony, you would need to pay $76 for a single day and $760 for a full season of 10 days 
If you want to sit in the plaza, you would need to pay like $105 for a single day and $105 for the whole event of 10 days
There is a third stand called Gold buckle which is very special, and its price is quite high as compared to other stands like a price for a single day is $300, and for the whole season of 10 days it’s $3000.

Prize Money of NFR

Total prize money of NFR is more than $6 million divided among the competitors competing in 7 different sports of the event prizes are given to riders standing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Competitions of NFR

This event is full of adventures and thrills. Cowboys come from all over the world to participate in this event. They compete for the seven competitions, and the winning cowboys get the whooping prize money

Bareback Riding

 In this sport, a rider has to ride on the back of a bucking horse, which is somehow difficult because a rider has the support of only a lead rope attached to the horses halter known as Bronc rein, and the rider has to stay on the back of a horse as long as possible but the least period 8 seconds to count it as a ride the rider which stays the most wins the game.

Steer Wrestling

In this sport a rider riding on the back of a horse running in the ground jumps off it to fight a Corriente steer. He then grabs the steer of its horns and has to do the tricks to unbalance it so that it can fall on the ground; the wrestler who successfully makes steer fall on the ground wins, and there is a great risk of serious injuries because bulldogging is dangerous. 

Saddle Bronc Riding

This is the third sport of the event. It’s quite similar to bareback riding. The only thing different is that a rider uses a western saddle because of more safety, and other rules are the same as a rider has to stay on the back of a horse for a minimum of 8 seconds to make it a ride; the rider who stays longer wins the game.

Team Roping

This is the only sport of NFR that consists of a team. In this 4th competition, two ropers are riding on horses to try to capture a full-grown steer. One rider is in front and the other at the back. The rider in front tries to capture the steer’s horns with rope, and the rider at the back tries to capture the steer’s hind legs. Once the steer is captured, it’s placed in between both ropers the team that grabs the steer faster wins.

Tie-Down Roping

In this sport, there is a rider, a calf, and a horse. First of all, the rider rides the horse, and a rope tied to the horse is also tied to the calf. Then rider dismounts, and he has tied the three feet of the calf at a time as fast as he can. The rider who ties the calf feet fastest wins the game in this sport. Horse is used to hold the calf steady.

Barrel Racing

 There is a pattern set of barrels known as cloverleaf in this competition. A rider has to cross this pattern, but he must make sure that his horse doesn’t touch the barrels. The rider who crosses the cloverleaf fastest wins the game. This sport is actually for women men seldom compete in this sport

Bull Riding

This sport is similar to bareback riding, but the rider has to ride on the bull, a full-grown beast with sharp horns. A rider has to survive for at least 8 seconds to make it a ride; the rider who stays for long wins the game, but the main thing is that bulls are very dangerous and unpredictable; they may attack the fallen rider, so there is a risk of serious injuries even bull can kill a rider with its horns.


This is not a competition; it’s an award for the competitor who wins the most money.

Winners of NFR 2020

Games 2020Winner 2020
Bareback RidingKaycee Feild
Steer WrestlingJacob Edler
Team Roping (Header)Colby Lovell
Team Roping (Heeler)Paul Eaves
Saddle Bronc RidingRyder Wright
Tie-Down RopingShad Mayfield
Barrel RacingHailey Kinsel
Bull RidingStetson Wright
All Around World ChampionStetson Wright

Frequent ask questions

We value your precious time. Thus, here we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions. Let’s have a look at it!

What resources can I use to learn more about events and ticketing?

For ticket information, call 972-RANGERS or email SpecialEvent@TexasRangers, or send an email to special

Is there going to be a ProRodeo zone?

Yes, Poland’s most important presentation—the Pro Rodeo Fan Zone—will be broadcast live at Global Life Field.

For the NFR finals, how many rodeos are required?

It is supposed to have 8 rodeos to meet the eligibility requirements.

At the NFR, how many rounds are there?

Rounds: ten. The Wrangler NFR consists of ten rounds held over a period of ten days. Cowboys and barrel racers win money by finishing first to sixth in any round, and then by finishing first to eighth on average-collection times or points scored over the course of ten rounds.

Is there a rider who has ridden every t10 bull at the NFR?

1988. Jim Sharp became the first bull rider in NFR history to ride all ten bulls. Heading into his first world title, he holds the combined NFR record (771 points in ten headers).


So, we’ve covered every facet of the NFR final in Las Vegas up until this point. As a result, we may conclude that the NFR is a fantastic event that provides genuine amusement and joy to society. There are numerous methods to watch the NFR live on your television; therefore, we have listed some of the top NFR sources. Simply go to their website, read the instructions, and begin the exhilarating match from the comfort of your own home.

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